Casino – A Different Kind Of Gambling To Poker

Online gambling is a popular pastime for many, a way to unwind or chase the thrill that comes with betting. Some people prefer poker over slots or other casino table games or vice versa, all are types of gambling that differ greatly. Poker is generally thought of as a game that requires a fair amount of skill to be successful in (although unskilled poker players can still win money through beginners luck). Where poker differs greatly from other casino games though however, is that there isn’t a house advantage as such. Although all casinos will make money from antes or table fees, players compete against each other rather than playing against ‘the house’, this is what attracts many people to poker over other casino games or slots. This article will outline the key differences between poker and other types of casino games and slots, and give you a better understanding of the different variations of gambling. Credit goes to from where much of the information below is taken. Enjoy!

Poker – Risk Management and Psychology

Poker is generally the best game to play if you are avoiding a house edge and want to play based on skill rather than luck. Poker requires many different skills that develop over time. There are elements of psychology involved, along with the ability to make quick calculations based on outcome probabilities. Furthermore, an ability to read actions of other players is advantageous. In addition to this, poker players must know all possible hands that are possible in poker and the order in which they rank. The success of a poker player is generally based on these factors, bluffing is an art form that can take many players years to master. Whether reading the bluffs of others, or learning to bluff yourself without giving away any obvious signs, poker is a real game of skill and calculation. Most poker players continue to develop their skills over years of practice, even the professionals!

Classic Table Games – Decisions and Optimization

The most popular table games in a casino are usually blackjack or roulette. Although all blackjack and roulette tables will accommodate several players at once, the main difference between these games and poker is that players are competing against the dealer, rather than each other. As such, both roulette and blackjack have a house advantage, meaning the dealer or ‘the house’ are more likely to profit than you (or other players at the table) are.


Roulette does require some knowledge of the different bets available on the table, but essentially doesn’t require a lot of skill. An inexperienced casino player can easily place a bet anywhere on the table and walk away a winner without even knowing what they were betting on. There are a number of different bets available in roulette with returns varying from 2/1 to 35/1, the various bets often attract players that believe they have a roulette ‘system’ to be able to guarantee consistent wins, but in reality the odds are stacked for ‘the house’ to win in the long term. Roulette is a game of chance and all wheels are set in a way that prevent players from successfully predicting the outcome of each spin.


Blackjack is similar to roulette in that the player is competing against the dealer and the odds are stacked in favour of the house. Where Blackjack differs however, is the level of skill involved from the player. An inexperienced blackjack player will lose more often than a regular player, this is because blackjack does require some level of skill. Blackjack is more interactive than roulette, meaning players are given the chance to influence the outcome of each hand. Players must know when to hit, to stand, split, double their bet, or place insurance bets, based on factors of probability.

Slots – Pure Chance

Slot games are arguably the easiest type of casino game that you will encounter. Success with slots relies completely on chance, rather than skill. Slot games operate by using random number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcome of each spin. This means that the outcome of each spin is not determined by the outcome of any previous spins, or any spins that come after. This may sound like an attractive factor of slots (being able to win big several times in a row on the same game), but this is rarely the case. Slots have a huge house advantage, which essentially means that ‘the house’ always wins in the end. So, although slots may be great for players that want a game that doesn’t require any skill, the wins are rarely consistent, and often short-lived.