Maybe it’s time to give Poker a rest and rule the roost with a game of Roulette

A lot of people start to play poker because of the idea that it is a skill-based game. They believe that if they can simply become good enough at the game then they will earn their fortune. While this is ostensibly true, poker is not solely based on skill as luck plays a significant part. Also, there are other games which seem to be entirely random or luck-based which actually require more skill than most people realise. One such is roulette and with the correct online roulette strategy and the help of these roulette tips, it is possible to claim some of those winnings for yourself.

There is no difference in learning how to play online roulette on one of the UK online casinos and learning to play physical roulette. Roulette is a game of probability. There are two major components, a spinning wheel and a board. Both contain the numbers 1 to 36 printed on them in alternating colours for odd and even numbers. UK online casinos use the European style of board which also has a number 0 which is printed in neither of the colours of the other numbers. A ball is spun around the wheel before coming to a stop in one of the numbered slots. Bets may be placed until the ball has almost ceased moving or has stopped entirely.

The betting system is simple but has deep reaching consequences. Roulette for beginners should be focused on memorising how it functions. The game board displays the numbers from the wheel. These numbers are then divided into sections. These can be odds vs evens, thirds based on rows, columns, and there are more. The bigger a group is, the more likely the ball will fall into a slot within that group. There is about a 50% chance of the ball falling within the odd or even section. Players must remember that the odds are a little worse than they initially seem due to the presence of the 0. The 0 is not counted in any section so, for instance, the chance of getting an odd number is not 50% it is 48.6%. The small the section, the greater the reward. The return is calculated on the odds as if the 0 were no present. So if you bet on a particular colour, say black, and you win then you will receive back twice your wager. The highest possible return is when you bet on a single number and it comes up, then you receive a massive 36 times the original wager.

Bets are indicated by placing chips down on the game board. Players do not have to confine themselves to a particular section. For instance, you may choose to place a couple of chips on a particular colour with another one on a particular number outside of the chosen colour. This raises the odds of winning something to slightly better than 50%. It is at this point that it is possible for players to begin to develop a strategy.

While Roulette is truly random so are other casino games such as poker where people can and do earn a living despite that randomness. The key lies in probability. It is possible in roulette for the ball to land on the same number twice in a row. On average this will happen every 1 in 1,369 spins, so while it can happen it is very unlikely to. This is not to say that it is impossible, it has happened and certainly will again, it is just unlikely. By paying attention to where the ball has fallen it is possible to formulate an idea on where to bet net based on probability. The key thing to remember is that there are no guarantees. It is possible for the ball to land on the exact same number 36 times in a row, however unlikely. So there is never any such thing as a guaranteed win or loss. However, for those who are patient, there is probability just like in any other game.